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Update by user Nov 24, 2014

Kevin removed my website/domain (2 months) for non payment, because I was dissatisfied with the update they had to done to my existing website and he refused to revert back to the original version. I then bought a new similar domain name with a new website that I created.

When Kevin noticed my reviews he decided to create a new page for visitors to see when my domain was typed in or clicked on. He stated that he show this when clients are suspended for non payment. Then why was my new domain name and new logo listed? He had nothing to do with the new but he included it anyway.

He is also showing all people how much I owed, but failing to explain why payments weren't made. Also he states that he informed me to find another service provider. That is a lie, I fired him and asked that he immediately transfer my domain name back to me. It appears that he takes over the whole website, which is not needed by anyone to have him do work on a website.

My website and domain was held hostage by him. All the website that he has created, ALL CONTACT, TECHNICAL & REGISTRANT INFO IS UNDER HIS NAME. If he has your website, have him change it back to your name or business name.

He did all this out of retaliation.

He also stated that he would then start reviewing online my business in a negative way. I will post a screen shot of the page he created. This was displayed for about a week out of the two months.

The rest of the time Google showed the website "Could not be found or removed". This shows exactly how childish and the type of business person he really is.

Update by user Nov 24, 2014

Kevin contacted me regardimg my reviews. I will copy and paste the exact wording from his email.

"I am sorry we developed a friendship over the years.

You turned out to be quite the *** hole.

I have seen your little gimmicks on the Internet review websites, YouTube, etc. I don't think you have looked at this from my point of view.

I have spoken to my attorney and am in a position to file a law suit against you for defamation. The scope and breadth of what you have done is beyond a normal consumer complaint and is clearly illegal. My attorney has advised me to reach out to you and request you mitigate the damage immediately by removing the items you have posted.

Please do so. I will do another search on Saturday, November 1, 2014 and will expect all items to have been removed.

If they have not been removed and/or reappear at a later date, I will be forced to take the next steps which will become quite expensive for you.

It is a shame that I have spent so much time and money in working with such an ungrateful, petty, little person. I have done nothing but, try to help you."

Kevin Croskrey

Original review posted by user Sep 17, 2014

Hired Kevin Croskrey aka Emunications to design my website. I had ideas of what I wanted and the style I liked.

However, Kevin and his one horrible designer had other ideas. I had NO say in what I wanted or liked. Everything I wanted would have been an extra charge. Although he agreed to it all before the actual quoted amount would be.

Every time we spoke the amount quoted changed. Kevin is a complete *** and will argue with you no matter what. He doesn't realize who is the owner and who is the paying customer. He has suspended my website several times for no reason at all other than to be ugly.

He also portrays to have an office out of a building in Sugar Land, he lies again, he offices out of his home now, all his employees has moved on. I WILL NEVER USE HIM AGAIN.

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Sugar Land, Texas, United States #971874

It is really a shame eMUNICATIONS ever got involved with this person, Shawn Simone from Landscape Update Co. I considered Shawn a friend and provided many free services for him.

Including the service he is complaining about now.

Shawn never had any money and was always late paying his hosting bills for services we had provided for about 7 years. We carried him for many months during stretches that he was having difficulties. Last summer Shawn requested that we redesign his website. As a favor we agreed to do a quick refresh at no charge.

He has always loved our designs which, I guess, is why he has been a client for more than 7 years. This time, for some reason, Shawn freaked out over the new design, did not like it and wanted the old site restored. We did so. Mr.

Simone continued to NOT pay his hosting invoices. I told him that we could not continue like this and that he will need to pay his bill. Mr. Simone chose to abandon his website and domain and create a new one.

Yes, we did post on the old website that we were hosting for him that an outstanding amount was due. It was shortly after this that we received payment.

Mr. Simone and Landscape Update Co have moved on. So have we.

This whole complaint, that ruined a 7 year relationship, came about because we provided free services to a long-standing client. This is how we were repaid.

Thank you Shawn Simone of Landscape Update Co.

As a P.S. if you are interested in seeing Mr. Simone's integrity for yourself, search some review websites on Landscape Update Co.

You will see many positive reviews, verbatim, written by the same person or very similar derivatives of the same persons name.

My name is Kevin Croskrey and my company is, Inc. We have hundreds of happy customers hard earned since 2002.

We do not hide behind false names, reviews, etc. Call me.

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